GSG (Snapshots) - Volume I

1:05 PM

Some of you have wondered where I've been these last few weeks. The answer is--preparing for or recovering from the Great Summer Getaway. What a glorious and completely exhausting time it was! I could barely move when we returned. My body was not obeying commands very well, meaning I couldn't even talk right! Even though the GSG schedule was laid-back and unrushed for the youth, my responsibilities involved near-constant thought, study and prayer. Only now am I really starting to understand the weight of leadership. I need to pray for my pastor more! :)

Snapshots of a Getaway:

The Witty Kid and The New Kid flinging themselves violently onto the sand every 30 seconds during sand volleyball (must be a family thing).

The innovative wiffleball game--partially played in the lake.

Random singing... "Turn me around, pick me up..." by anyone at any given time, the next thread of song probably sung in the next two minutes. It seemed unrelated, but it really showed how unified we are! :)

Girls washing their hair in the creek's icy waters. Or the middle school boys washing their hair in the pump at the state park. The Other Leader's reassurance to on the boys, "Don't worry, (Young Kid), it's man shampoo!"

Diligence = Persistent Personal Attention.

At the cross, You beckon me. Draw me gently to my knees and I am, lost for words so lost in love. Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered... The song that touched our hearts and often did bring us to our knees. Except for me, 'cause I was at the keyboard. :( But hey, during prayer, I am not so limited!

The game of "Capture the Flag" that never quite happened.

Hiking the mountain, in between a session on Self-Control and a session on Perseverance. How painfully appropriate.

Sly chipmunk stalking by the "mountain boys."

Girls washing their hair in the creek's icy waters.

Naps, * sigh* blessed naps that kept me going... on a towel by the beach, on the screened cabin porch, on a random picnic table. :)

Meals eaten while squished together sitting on chairs, benches, coolers and anything else we could find. It was good though--feel the bonding!! :)

Morning walking or running. That cool mountain air made me wonder how I'm ever gonna run outside when it's not summer!

Cooper, the "vicious" guard dog.. who liked to make social calls to the neighbors.

Pretty wild roses given to each young lady, that some young gentlemen waded across the creek and bloodied their fingers for. Say it with me, "Awwwww."

Peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches for everyone else. And a jelly sandwich for me one day for lunch. Reminds me of the Mexico trip! (at which, we ate PB&J every day for lunch. Good times!)

Spontaneous open-air prayer meeting by the fire. And kneeling in the dirt. And praying so long that our homemade ice cream melted! Woot!

The New Kid and The Quiet Kid sparring with fly-swatters. It started out with the poor little flies, and just progressed into human brutality. The fight ended with one on the ground fighting for his (longer and therefore, more successful) fly-swatter and the other kicking him. I laughed so hard that I cried real tears! Yeah, and then I stopped the fight. 'Cause, ya know, blood is bad. We try to avoid it.

Star-gazing in the open field.

One quiet morning reflection on a large stone by the creek, thinking that, "Despite the challenges, this has been a time of rest and revival. Thank You, wonderful Jesus!"

And now, I know you're wondering about the challenges. The challenges were many... so next post, my friends, you will know all!

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