Things that Break My Heart

10:43 PM

... Because they break the heart of God.

It's hard to see the destruction that sin brings on people's lives. There's been many times lately that I've felt heart-pain or physically sickened by the manifestation of sin's consequences in the lives of people around me. Truly, the enemy does come to Steal, Kill and Destroy. Through the sin of man's rebellion, we have opened the door to the enemy. Now he has free reign over sinners. And us saints, we just have to sit back and grieve over the destruction--crying out to those suffering, "Why don't you surrender to the Savior?" Now I'm not preaching a life-enhancement Gospel. I'm just saying that when you surrender to the Lord, that Death cannot have dominion over you anymore. Your destination is not Eternal Death, and your journey is no longer laced with the shards of broken glass that you are dragged over through this life. For a true Christian, life may be pain... but we look forward to the Hope of Christ. For the sinner, there is not hope, no future joy, NOTHING but agony and destruction and the horribleness of pain that never ends.

-the sound of a man arguing with his wife on the phone at work.
-a long line of barely-toddling babies walking down the sidewalk, with their care-takers walking in front and behind. Where are the mommies?
-teenagers who come home to an empty house.
-fathers missing physically or too weak to stand for Godliness in their own homes.
-mothers acting like children.
-kids who have never heard a loving, compassionate or kind word between their parents.
-girls who sacrifice their purity in the name of fashion.
-young men ashamed to pray, ashamed to worship, ashamed to stand on God's side.

I could go on, but that's enough heartbreak for one night. The fact remains: Unless people humble themselves before God Almighty, their lives will continue to spiral into darkness that ends only in the burning depths of hell. It is the selfish rebellion of humans that causes pain and heartbreak. The person who thinks their sin will only affect themselves is deluded. Sin sends a ripple of earthquake-sized destruction through family, friends and many others. Sin does not only touch the guilty; it also affects the innocent. But on the guilty, there will be great judgment.

And Christ is the only answer. Not counseling. Not therapy. Not money. Not anything else. Only Jesus Christ, our Lord. May His name be exalted above all others!

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