On the Range

10:50 PM

My parents live on a mountaintop. Amongst state game lands, hunting camps and wilderness. We call the family homestead, Hidden Haven. Because people must follow the explicit written directions or they get lost, and because the mountain is peaceful, serene and relaxing. Hidden Haven always seems to have many guests. For parties, picnics, weekend visits, dinnertime, etc. Because my parents possess a gift of hospitality. There's a steady stream of almost-family, relatives, church folks, friends, acquaintances, friends-of-friends and perfect strangers that journey through Hidden Haven, and we seem to have a high concentration of creative folks. Musicians, artists, actors, photographers, etc.

The latest crop of guests ("latest" is relative: since this blog entry is long-overdue. The visit was mid-June!! You can stone me later!) were a mixture of weapons enthusiasts. Several were actors by trade. One was a photographer. They were doing weapons training and some pre-production for a movie. Truly fascinating day!

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