Unexpected Calm

11:59 PM

Here's a travel story for ya! I was privileged to do an engagement shoot with an absolutely lovely couple this evening. (Stay tuned for that!!) Anyway---location was Washington, DC (yeah, I was pretty excited about that). And you know me, any excuse is a good excuse to travel! So on Friday, I head down to Sterling, VA to visit with friends. Happy conversation, listening to music, playing a summer-version of Catchphrase, after-midnight trip to a diner, more music & conversation, savoring quiche with a friend, visiting the National Air & Space museum.. looking at stars in the middle of a sunny day (Journey to the Stars at the Einstein Planetarium. Just go! It was amazing!).

Late on Saturday afternoon, my group of fellow-touring-people go on their merry way. I had some time to kill before the engagement session (eeek! excited!)... sooo, I found a Starbucks, grabbed some books out of the car, and sat down to enjoy an icy caffeinated beverage. Soon, I found myself wandering through a hotel lobby... and happened upon this semi-empty courtyard.

 photo 2010.07-527_zpsen4erys7.jpg

Enclosed on all four sides by buildings, I immediately noticed the incredible quiet (for being in the middle of Washington, DC). No automobile noises, no shouting or cabs honking, no random protestors or people-with-a-cause. Just quiet. There was a faint sound of water falling in the distance. And a few murmurs of conversation from people along the outside of the courtyard.

After the craziness of my life in the last few weeks, I needed a little calm.
This place felt like a gift-to-me from the Lord. A few moments of peace.
Unexpected calm...
is the most appreciated kind.

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