The Cabin

9:38 AM

Last weekend, as per tradition, the Family + the Family Friends went away to "God's Country." We share a cabin in the mountains of the Pennsylvania Wilds with several other families, and may go at our leisure (and whenever it is not already occupied). The tradition is that we always go away for the weekend of The Dad's birthday. Why? Cause he likes the mountains and being able to get away with the family is a perfect birthday gift in itself. Methinks he really just likes having fires in a different venue. :)

I like the cabin. ALOT.

Here are my reasons:

  • No phone and no cell phone reception.
  • No TV/other electronic distractions.
  • A tin roof. Very peaceful when it rains.
  • A screened porch, with old chairs. Perfect for reading in the morning.
  • A creek that runs by it. Deep enough to jump in, fish in, wade in or wash your hair in. :)
  • The cable bridge. (Okay, so I actually despise the thing, but I thought I'd vent a little bit. I'm scared of heights and that thing reminds me of a high ropes course. Don't hate. Just think of it as my Achilles' heel.)
  • The pretty waterfall just a short hike away. 1 hour by walking path, 2 hours by creek bed.
  • Wildlife. Deer, bears, snakes and an odd little orange salamander that I wanted to keep.
  • An everlasting campfire. And the new swing to sit by it.
  • The small, but sufficient lake within driving distance.
  • The amazing view from the lookout. One day I'm gonna go there for sunrise.
  • The funny little town nearby that I've never been to. They say there's ice cream.
  • The mountain that I have yet to climb. I'm pretty sure The Sis & The Bro-in-law's initials are carved in a tree somewhere up there, and I'm gonna find them! Haha

Wanna get away and think? Go to the cabin. Wanna get away and rest? Go to the cabin. Wanna get away and avoid people? Go to the cabin (or just take people you like! Haha).

A brilliant idea was formed on Saturday morning as we walked in the creek. Why don't we just bring the whole youth group for the summer getaway? It'd be like a retreat, only longer! Just rustic enough to make people uncomfortable, but just modern enough to make cooking easier for the leaders. :) The cabin, more formally known as "Hammersly Haven," is a place where meaningless distractions are pushed aside and there is actually time to rest, talk with people, be alone with God and think. And there's time for healthy amusements that challenge the body and feed the soul! *Sigh* I'm getting happy just thinking about it.

Fellowship and Spiritual Food. That's the purpose of the Great Summer Getaway. It's gonna be awesome.

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