6:55 AM

My life is filled with abnormalities... What is normal anyway?

I spent 6 hours last night programming my new laptop.... me, two laptops on the dining room table, 5 program discs, 3 recovery discs, 1 external hard drive, a multitude of paperwork and an annoying mess of cardboard. Most of those hours, I just stared at a screen that said, "Updating... 33% completed." And 15 minutes later, "Updating... 42% completed." RAWR. But honestly, it's my. NEW. Laptop! Complaining is not an option. :)

Then I saw a mouse in my kitchen cupboard. Not scary. I did not scream. I simply clanged pans together and shouted, "THERE YOU ARE, WRETCHED CREATURE! YOU WILL DIE SOON!" He ran away. But I will keep that promise.

(honestly, you would have to live in my house to understand that this stuff really happens!)

Then I started out making devilled eggs at 9:30 p.m. to take to the work potluck... and then changed my mind and made homemade potato salad instead. And every 10 minutes, I would walk into the living room and ask my roommates if I could use some of their food. :) They're nice and let me have the food... Usually, I am better prepared!

Then one roommate walked in the door and nearly scared me out of my skin!! I jumped! Because I thought Caspian the kitty was opening doors by himself... He pushed open the bedroom door earlier in the evening.. it made sense in my mind... I am now recovered from my fright.

Then I was cleaning the kitchen about midnight. Listening to beautiful Christ-exalting music, scrubbing pans and singing to the Lord. Living out Pastor's message about doing the carnal things and being spiritual. But I didn't try - it just happened. Hmm. Food for thought.

Then... writing in my journal late in the night. Finally writing poetry again. After a lull of months and months. I guess, when God moves in my heart --- lyrics just happen.

And I want those abnormalities to become my normal reality.

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