The Scarlet Thread

11:39 PM

Time is short. And I will write quickly… I love the imagery of that phrase: The Scarlet Thread. If our lives could be compared to a strong, rough rope, there would be a vivid scarlet-colored thread weaving itself throughout. And as our lives intersect with others, the scarlet thread continues to bind us together…

Because that scarlet thread is Christ.

Conversations happening everywhere... while driving, in a museum, in a church nursery, in a foyer, while waiting, while eating, while walking, riding in a car, at a house party, by a piano, at the dinner table, after a youth meeting, at home, away from home, on the road… quietly, passionately, wonderingly, happily, intensely…

It’s simple. When you love someone, you talk about them. It isn’t forced or even intentional. You must tell the world about this love. You talk about them. You. Just. Do. And we love Christ. We love His name, His character, His love, His person, His works in our lives, His power, His glory revealed. We love all that He is and all that He does.

So over and over. All the time. Without question, the scarlet thread is ever-present. Challenging us, exhorting us, encouraging us, flowing from the deepest parts of our beings and moving the hearts of others.

This weekend was wonderful for many reasons… a little road trip, sight-seeing in DC with my lovely friends, joking on the Metro “If I jump into the air while the train is moving, will I slam into the pole?”, wide-eyed while learning history, surprise greetings with friends at the church of the ‘southern saints,’ girl-time, reveling over a beautiful old book, pie-baking, making choices at the pumpkin patch, catching up on sleep, singing in the kitchen at a house party, late-night pretty piano music (with a little Christmas music), being able to lift my hands in worship—woohoo!, good teaching, relaxing and delicious dinner with friends, long cell phone conversations, a carrot cake for pastor appreciation and a perfect weekend end—my birthday surprise awaiting at home—a kitten! Now named Caspian! :)

Through it all, I am most grateful for the scarlet thread of Christ uniting my heart with other saints. Sometimes I would simply stop and smile. God is glorious!

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