NYC Weekend Lessons

10:07 PM

NYC Weekend Lessons Learned:
1. Times Square Church. Best thing happening. :)
2. Never talk and walk through a Metro gate at the same time. Pain & bruising will follow.
3. Good deeds are possible in NYC.
4. Take the Metro WHENEVER possible. Wherever you're going really is farther than it looks.
5. Don't stand too close to the street performers. You never know what they might do to you.
6. If they got skills, throw 'em some cash. They gotta eat, too.
7. Walk fast and purposefully, looking like "a million bucks" and people think you're a New Yorker.
8. If you don't know, ask somebody (who looks like they might know). There's no shame in asking.
9. Eat outside always.
10. What is common sense to you is not common sense to everyone else.
11. Order anything quickly and succinctly. And smile. This goes a long way in customer service.
12. Try new food ANYTIME you can.. you cannot eat like this at home.
13. People-watch in the Metro. You'll laugh for days.
14. Trust your spiritual discernment. It was probably right.
15. Being introduced to someone and saying, "ooooh, you! I totally facebook-stalked you the other day!" is way creepier than it sounds. :)
16. Buy food, clothes & purses on the street. Don't buy watches or guns. :)
17. Ignore anybody who asks for money.
18. Carrying a camera does not make you a tourist. Carrying a point & shoot camera and taking pics of yourself in front of landmarks? That makes you a tourist.
19. Cash makes life easier.
20. Listening to native New Yorkers argue over how to get somewhere is hilarious.
21. Drink Starbucks. Everybody else does.
22. Knowing someone from the city is a priceless thing.
23. Before traveling, know where you're going, where you're staying and how you're getting there. Anything less is stupidity.
24. Rockefeller Center at night = magical.
25. Road trips are the best times for spiritual conversation. :)

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