Wedding Weekend Memories

10:14 PM

* Bachelorette party time! 15 girls in my house! Alot of yummy food. One spastic cat + 10 conversations at a time!!

*Freezing cold breezes during an early morning photo shoot with my bro, sis-in-law + 2 adorable small people. :D

* Deja vu... decorating the bride & groom's toasting glasses. Just like I did for my sis's wedding 8 years ago!! :D

* Answering client emails in an afternoon break.

* Recruiting the groom & best man for vegetable chopping.. food prep for the rehearsal dinner. They were surprisingly skilled at chopping things! This may or may not be related to their animal-skinning skills. Hahaha!

* Switching tables at the rehearsal dinner because (a) the bride & groom looked lonely and (b) we were hungry, wanted to eat sooner & their table could go first and (c) I wanted another delicious chocolate cupcake.

* SO. MUCH. Starbucks.

* Watching the almost-groom and a groomsman wrestling/boxing/fighting on the night before the wedding. "Don't break his face!" "Don't break his arm!" "Don't hurt him!"

* The tower of bridesmaid-prep on the wedding morning! Sis-in-law doing hair on sis doing hair on bridesmaid while I am doing said-bridesmaid's makeup. :D Hilarious!

* Hanging out with friends from Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas & Pennsylvania.... Weddings bring all the people here!! :D

* Running back-and-forth, back-and-forth between the bride & bridesmaids' room and groom & groomsmen's area on the day of the wedding, camera in hand....with wedding rings, wedding dresses, props, and lenses everywhere. :)

* Spontaneous dancing lesson with the groom.

* Last minute powerful prayer with the bride & bridesmaids.

* The ceremony... in which I was SO nervous about singing their wedding song that I nearly couldn't breathe. Singing in weddings is like necessary evil. It's such an honor that you dare not say no, but there is a paralyzing fear of messing up and ruining the greatest day of someone's life.... and despite playing a grand piano and singing in a huge room with NO MONITORS, it wasn't awful. :) It definitely could have been better, but oh well.

* Slowly and painfully pulling burrs off of my bridesmaid dress... consequences of outdoor photos of the bride & groom and my rather physical kneeling/walking/moving style of photography.

* Making jokes with my groomsman (as usual) to endure the awkward walking-in-while-everyone-stares thing.

* Random conversations with lovely friends & family in between uploading photos. :)

* Bowling afterparty in a floor-length bridesmaid dress. Yes, I did fall down once--flat on my back. But apparently, it was a "graceful" fall. :D

* Bowling first game = very BAD. (score - 35!).. Bowling second game = not so bad (score - 120!). I need to bowl more often! :D

* Spontaneous afterweddingafterbowlingparty WITH bagel bites + ice cream, an out-of-tune guitar, Apples 2 Apples, and a Mac computer. Honestly, you can't get more fun than that!

*Church at the reception hall.. echoe-y acoustics reminded me of the early days of our church, meeting in a martial arts academy. Actually, I kinda miss those days. God did some great things then!!

* One very lame and very hilarious youtube video. That kept resurfacing in our jokes. "You are really dumb! For real!"

* Day-After-Wedding Picnic at my parents' house. 30 people. LOTS of family, food and a killer unfinished game of Yahtzee.

Going to SLEEEEP on Sunday night.. * Sigh* Sleep, oh how I've missed you!

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