Fireworks Weekend

9:31 PM

When our first full weekend in Arkansas ends up being a holiday weekend, what do we do? Eat, sleep and watch fireworks. Seems so patriotic. Like the American dream.

This internship is cooool ---- also with some weird hours. Brandon’s been up early and working late most days. Sometimes I drive him to work (if I need the car), sometimes I just get up to make him breakfast. He tells me that he can make his own breakfast, because he’s a sweetheart like that… but I wake up anyway when the alarm goes off and I figure I might as well get up and make sure the food/coffee sustenance gets in his belly. Also, I have a weird sense of alarm about stovetops being left on when I’m not the one cooking, so I prefer to be the one cooking. Even if it’s 4:00 am. ;)

Saturday morning breakfast omelet looked like this. Omelets always remind me of sunshine. They’re such happy breakfast items. Also, I am super-consistent at taking prenatal vitamins. :D

Anyway, I ventured out Saturday morning to find the farmer’s market. Not too much happening there… or maybe I just arrived towards closing time. I snatched up some fresh lettuce and a jar of local honey. Brandon now gets a tablespoon of honey in his oatmeal every morning, because I heard that local honey can help with allergies. We are currently testing that theory. I’ll keep you informed on the progress… I was a little sad driving away from the farmer’s market because there were no strawberries. Then, lo and behold, I turned a corner and there was a large banner on a roadside stand proclaiming, “FRESH STRAWBERRIES.” I did a pretty cool quick turn (good thing nobody was following me too closely) and bought 2 1/2 quarts of fresh, delicious, amazing-looking berries.

Simple strawberry shortcake, anyone? :D

Sunday dawned a new day, and that meant visiting church #2. I gotta say, this whole visiting-new-churches-thing has perks. Like free homemade bread last week! Free cookbook and coffee mug and candy this week! If I was more shallow, I’d say we should keep on visiting new churches every week! Maybe by the end of the summer, we’d get a new car! (sillyness here should be obvious).. We did really enjoy church #2. Super-friendly. Greeted by soooo many folks. Liked the worship and particularly appreciated the sermon because it was… about the Bible, from the Bible and firmly on-topic the whole way through. Very good stuff. The consensus in the Schwartz family is that we shall be visiting there again (despite my love of free-visitor gifts. lol).

On Sunday evening, we headed into the city… well, semi-close to the city of Little Rock. There is Little Rock and then there is the river and then there is North Little Rock. I had heard about some big ol’ music festival happening in Little Rock --- which made me abandon plans of going into Little Rock, because we’re not big on crowds. Or music festivals, for that matter. BUT the really-cool-fun part is that at the end of said music fest, there would be fireworks. So we headed to the riverfront park on the North Little Rock side to see if we could catch a glimpse of the fireworks.

The weather was lovely. The heat of the day had passed (and it was HOT!), and there was a slight breeze blowing. We walked the trail for awhile and could glimpse the crowds across the river.

Found an empty park bench facing the river and waited until darkness fell.
Oh yes, and I was being “artistic” while waiting for the fireworks to begin!

As it turned out, we could not have settled on a more perfect spot for fireworks-watching. They were bursting almost directly overhead! We even had to brush fireworks shrapnel off our clothes when leaving. I snapped a few fireworks photos, but mostly rested my head on Brandon’s shoulder and just enjoyed the show. The best things in life are often free. Like date night by the river as fireworks burst overhead (and in my heart).

One last look at the river before the night was over.

Our Memorial Day was slow and restful, but the entire weekend was pretty fun.

How was your holiday weekend? Do tell. I read comments. :D

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