Narnian Nursery Tour

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Our little chap just hit the four-month-old mark, so I figured that maybe now was the time to display (ahem*finish*) his Narnian nursery. Most of the room has been complete since before his birth. We had a homebirth, and I knew that order-in-the-nursery would help with allowing my mind to relax. But there were still a few odds and ends that needed to be hammered into the walls.

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Now I am no home-decorating blogger, which you would believe at a greater level if you witnessed the creaky floors and cracked walls of our little 100-year-old cottage, and with a husband in grad school, the funds are continually directed to another place--INSANE PENN STATE TUITION PRICES. Suffice it to say, I considered forgoing the nursery completely. In the end, we decided that it was possible to make a very nice baby room with many things gifted-and-thrifted and a few things purchased. You will recognize many pieces from the amazing baby shower that my family hosted in September.

Narnia MapAmazon
Frame / Thrifted & Painted
Stuffed Aslan / Gifted from a Little Cousin
Dresser / Already Owned by Me, Painted, with New Knobs from Walmart
Changing Table Pad / Kid 2 Kid Consignment Store
Rocker Recliner / Craigslist
Baby Quilts / Gifted from Talented Friends & Family
Palace-esque Miror / Thrifted
All Framed Wall Decorations / Thrifted, Painted, and otherwise Creatively Crafted by My Sis
Bedside Table / Already Owned, Re-painted
Narnia Book Set / The One Really Cool Possession that My Husband Brought to Marriage
Wall DecalAmazon
Curtains & Fixtures & Wall Clock / Walmart .. Frugal people aren't ashamed by this. In fact, did you know that most millionaires shop at Walmart? Yup. As much as I like the 'niceness' of the calm Target experience, ambiance doesn't help my checking account balance.

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See my fabulous nursing corner. The rocker recliner was a great investment (though not much of an investment, because we bought it from someone on I have a little convenient nursing basket tucked beside the rocker recliner.  There are a few necessities in there, like a water bottle, Kindle, nursing pads and burp rags. So I can nurse and stay there instead of wishing for water for the entirety of a nursing session. Nursing mama is ALWAYS thirsty!

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I am slightly ashamed to say that I begged for this little treasure chest when it appeared at the baby shower. My powers of persuasion must be better than I thought, because my sis gave it to me.. or she's just nice. ;)

Some of these nursery decorations don't scream "Narnia," but are simple reminders of pivotal moments in the stories. The treasure chest reminds me of the Pevensie children rediscovering their special gifts in the treasure chamber at Cair Paravel. And that candle? Its scent is Balsam & Cedar. Or as I prefer to call, "Narnian Forest!"

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This mirror was originally supposed to have the frame repainted, but I found that I loved the fake-gilded edges. It is just fancy enough to belong in a Narnian palace.

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If I could have a favorite piece, it would be the book pages framed. Narnia is words, timeless stories, fantasies in print. I love the mishmash of the parchment pages... and even more, the "Dear Little Friend" quote on the bottom right corner.

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We are currently reading Prince Caspian. I am loving the British words like "beastly" and "splendid" and the motivation to go on a march outside... and enjoy the warmth of a fire and newly roasted bear meat. Well, perhaps I will forgo that experience. *Also, love the Narnian bookmark from a fellow Narnia-lover!

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Trains are Narnian, too! This wooden block train was a Christmas gift, as was the cute little felt finger puppets inside the toy crate.
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What is a nursery tour without a bored-looking Devereaux? You might have noticed the lack of crib in this nursery. The crib is over in our bedroom, as we do co-sleeping/room-sharing. We do have this single bed in the nursery so it can also function as a guest room as needed. Or if mommy is so exhausted that she can't quite walk over to her room to nap. ;)

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This photo was staged.

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We chose a Narnian theme, because we love the stories, we love the writings of C.S. Lewis and we love the eternal truths told in fairy tales. Because children will grow and learn of Aslan and wonderful lands of their imagination, and then they will understand the beauties of God's heaven and earth.

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I hope you enjoyed our little nursery tour! What was your favorite part? What would you add to a nursery?

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