7:05 AM

That's my new favorite word. If only I had more opportunities to use it in conversation! :)

The last week has been interesting. Last Friday & Saturday, The Mom and I put up insulation in the apartment. Yes, by ourselves. We did an entire wall, the loft and the cathedral ceiling. Yeah, you should be impressed. We were born in the wrong time period-we should've been pioneer women! One of the greatest things I've learned from my mom is that (almost) anything is possible. Throughout my life I would say, "Mom, are we doing this?" And she'd answer in what has become my sis & I's motto, "It can't be that hard." And honestly, the insulation wasn't that hard. We looked like bugs because of the safety goggles and masks. And my face still burned because I *stupidly* used my shirt to wipe away the sweat. :)

Yesterday, I almost ran over a chicken on my way home from work. The day before that, it was three dairy cows. Technically though, I don't really live in the country. I live on a mountaintop! But I drive through the country to get home.... the dustiness of the dirt road that goes up the mountain has made my car so dirty that even I considered writing "WASH ME" on the back of it! And the drive-through bank teller has commented about it! I guess I could wash it, but it would only get dirty again driving home. Instead, I'll just pray for rain (to keep the dust down). Cuz mud is so much better. :)

On Labor Day, we labored. How typical. We cleaned and organized our shed(s). This isn't your normal 10x10 garden shed. Oh no! This is a behemoth of a shed! Like the *Goliath* of sheds! And we don't call it a barn because we already have one of those. This shed is a long low building that is a combination woodshop/gym/motorcycle storage/automotive shop and a million other miscellaneous things. It also used to be The Lil Bro's place to store trapping supplies and preserve animal skins, but he took over a small shed and it has become "The Trapping Shed." Come and be educated about the ways of the wilderness. :) The greatest part about cleaning the sheds was the mice. One particular time, there were four mice running around. The Lil Bro was shooting blowdarts at one, The Dog was playing with another, I was smashing another with a broom and The Mom was jumping up and down and screaming cause she stepped on one. Not much bothers her, but mice just freak her out!. Of course, this made The Lil Bro and I just double over in laughter!! Ah yes, mice are fun!

And now... *drumroll* the best news of the week!! On Wednesday morning at 4:54 am, I became an auntie again! I have a new lil baby niece!! She's wonderful and tiny and adorable, and I still haven't seen her with her eyes open. Maybe tonight! :) I'm totally ecstatic about her very beautiful name, but I won't post it on here because that would break my self-imposed blogging "code." Hehe. This will make stories about The (Original) Niece a little more difficult. I'm gonna have to think about new names for them! :)

Another amazing thing... on Wednesday night, after severe lack of sleep and physical sickness, I preached in the power of the Holy Spirit. I know without a doubt that the grace of God empowered me to do what I couldn't have done by myself! To God be the glory!!!

It's not about me. It's all about God.

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