9:42 AM

"Why haven't you blogged lately?" The Mom asked me last night.

Good question. Maybe because I have too much to blog about and I'm so obsessed about "matching" (yes, you can laugh now) that I only want one subject per post. Maybe because I've used my usual blogging time to research the family vacation to Maine. Maybe I'm concerned about being "self-absorbed" in blogging.

"The Word has to cut us, before it can heal us."
These were my words to the youth on Wednesday night after a particularly tough sermon on hypocrisy or dead religion or as The Lil Bro said so well, "Are you really what you think you are?" What is a hypocrite? A pretender. The scary part about pretending about spiritual things is that you can be fully convinced of your own righteousness (as the Pharisees were), and the rude awakening comes at the end of time. And there's no time left to turn around. Only being cast out into the outer darkness, and weeping and knashing of teeth.

Deliver us from this self-deception of false religion, oh Lord!

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