Living Sacrifice

11:14 PM

"To be a living sacrifice will involve all my love. My emotions and desires are to be actively dedicated to the Lord, with one burning desire, to worship Him more worthily and to serve Him more whole-heartedly, I relinquish the right to choose whom I will love and how, giving the Lord the right to choose for me... Whether I have a life partner or not is wholly His to decide, and I accept gladly His best will for my life. I must bring all the areas of my affections to the Lord for His control, for here, above all else, I need to sacrifice my right to choose for myself, I dare not trust myself in this area... I will ask no questions: I relinquish all rights to Him who desires my supreme good. He knows best."
-Helen Roseveare
(Missionary to Congo)

When I do pray, "not my will, but Yours be done," I wonder... because I don't even know my own will. I know my inclination, and a feeling or two, but not that which I want to do. More than anything, I want to do the will of the Father. I don't know the will of the Father, but I want to do it.

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