Forced Sabbatical

3:47 PM

Through the last few days, I have not stirred from my house very much... only down to the barn to feed the horses and outside to get firewood and once a drive down the lane to pick up the Little Bro. "Why?" you ask.

Because of ice. The mountain is covered in ice. The trees are encased in ice like glassy coffins. The wire of the electric fences look as if they are dripping ice. And most importantly, the road that leads down the mountain is covered with solid ice. No person in their right mind would attempt driving down it.

Unfortunately, that meant I did not leave yesterday (Sunday) and so could not be in the house of God!! And then I could not leave today, and so could not go to work! :( This is a very rare occurence... and let's just say I've spent alot of time studying and resting. Forced sabbaticals are nice, but I'd rather not repeat the experience anytime soon.

At this moment:
There is soup simmering on the stove.
I'm planning a Christmas party.
And will climb into the attic to retrieve Christmas decorations soon.

Happy Sabbatical to me!

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