Thoughts of a Pickup Truck Driver

6:43 AM

Borrowed my daddy's truck several times in the last couple weeks. That is one massive, scary, loud and obnoxious and powerful truck. (enough adjectives for ya? Haha)

What is it about big trucks that transforms intelligent, verbose human beings into grunting animals?! I put the key in the ignition, the truck roars to life and all the sudden--I want to GROWL, ROAR and make scary noises!

Thoughts of a Pickup Truck Driver:

"VRROOOOOOM! Ah, the sound of power!"

"Curb? What curb?.. Oh, I thought that was a speed bump."

"Oh, you don't want to move out of my way, little car? No problem! I'll just drive over you!" *insert evil laugh here*

"I'm so hiiiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhh above you!!!" - to little cars at stoplight.

"Big truck = Permanent right-of-way"

Thoughts of Girl Pickup Truck Driver:

"Is it just me, or are all those guys staring at me?"

"Is it just me, or is everybody staring at me?"

"I feel strong! I feel powerful!... I wish I didn't have to park so far away..."

*prays while parking, backing up and passing people*

"This loud engine is giving me a headache."

"I will give back my daddy's truck.. I will give back my daddy's truck.."

Gets home safely... "*sigh* I'm so glad I didn't hit anything today."

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