9:40 PM

I guess that is me returning to blogging with a BANG! I had a bit of a revelation... I have a serious lack of short-term memory. Without a Weekend in Review, I quickly forget what happened in life... Sad, but good for all of you blog-followers! So I'm returning to Jewels of Truth. Probably not full-force. But enjoy what you can get!

Rain, rain, go away!! The evening was cloudy, chilly and downright miserable.. and once again, our tract outreach was postponed. I spent an hour hanging at Barnes & Noble, obsessively checking the weather, taking many phone calls and mass-text-messaging the youth group. Change of plans: Game night! Including pizza! Loud & crazy games! Music (with budding songwriters)! Smoky fireplace!... after we figured out the flue, it was interesting how quickly the smoke cleared. :) I (heart) fires! The warm ambiance. And s'mores.... Then chilling with The Chatty Girl. Laughing over silly TV. Deep conversations. We know how to laugh and then be serious! It's a gift.

5:48 a.m. Awakened by my ringing cell phone. So sleepy that I don't remember the conversation... :) 2.5 hour drive to an all-day seminar. Except I slept the whole way. And my dad drove. YES! Letting Dad taste my coffee. Meeting new people. Listening to one of the best seminars in a long time. Big fan of Larry Kreider & Joel Comiskey. Humble, powerful men of God. And humorous, too. I (heart) Christians who are funny.... Typical happening: People assuming that I am waaaay younger that I am. Untypical happening (i.e. CRAZYNESS): Random encounter with someone that I went on a missions trip to Mexico in 2006! She's from North Carolina. Wow. I never expected that! And she loves books, too.... More drive time. A little family business swimming pool work. Driving through Gettysburg. Clouds and monuments... Dinner. More driving. Reading by cell phone light... Home again.

CHURCH. How did I lose my worship team binder? If anyone knows its location, please let me know! Learning about backsliding/apostates in Sunday School. Serious stuff. Worshipping the Lord "Father, I see that You are drawing a line in the sand..." The Word preached! Challenging our hearts about believing God's Word, faith, prayer, laying hold of the promises and giving glory to God... Restful afternoon... Youth UNIT meeting. Ya know what you get when you ask a youth what they would like someone to say at their funeral?? (ice-breaker question) A youth guy smacking his own head three times and then declaring he just took 21 seconds from his life. Sometimes I just laugh and laugh...

Welcome back to the blog, y'all!

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