In List Form

10:28 PM

Weekend in Review: Just because I like lists...

  • Sharing supper with the parents. :) "Don't put bread in the soup! It will be soggy! I hate soggy breadcrumbs in my soup!"
  • Coooooold and rainy and coughing through a high school football game. Handing out tracts. Talking to a former youth grouper. Whole conversation and I could not remember their name! :-/ They never knew.
  • Telling lame jokes about pigs (and laughing).
  • Board game wars. And who is the Connect Four champion? That'd be my little bro. I should've won though... it was the shoes, man!
  • Late night---early morning. I'm getting too old for this.
  • Road-trip with my mom. Packing heat because I'm going to meet some guy from Craigslist. Or because I'm really a secret agent. I'll just let you wonder... * insert creepy music now*
  • Honey Creek Inn. Remember that name. Because it has the BEST French Toast in the entire country. Seriously. My dad sampled this French Toast for the first time about 8 years ago. And I remember his ravings about it. I thought, for sure, this French Toast must be overrated!! And then I tasted for myself. Wow. Not overrated.
  • DayQuil + Naptime = Impossible.
  • Football party at my house. Lots of food. Lots of people. Lots of screaming/yelling/utter despair. Pretty sure that Penn State fell to itty bitty pieces. And crashed and burned. Several times over... On the upside, I saw JoePa without glasses for the first time ever---I didn't recognize him.
  • Upside-down apple cake. Melts your heart with its luscious goodness. I kid you not.
  • Read a whole book. In an hour. Half-asleep.
  • Coughing like crazy for the entire weekend... even through worship practice on Sunday morning... but when we started to worship, no coughing. None. At all. Not once!! Truly miraculous!
  • Great Word about seeds, grass, being aggressive, fighting battles for yourself, living within your means, action while you're "waiting," etc.
  • Conversing with the Eskimo girl --- my niece dressed in a hooded white sweater. :) Cute!
  • Wedding showcase @ the Bryce Jordan Center. Gorgeous-looking free food, which I pretty much ignored to stare at the wedding photographers, chat a little bit and grab some business cards. It's called "networking!"
  • Great roomie conversations. :)
  • NAAAAAAAAAAP. It's funny how naps seem lame throughout the young ages, and then become amazing when you become an adult.
  • Ice-breaker musical chairs variation game with the youth. "I'm a girl" and The Crazy Kid screams and runs for a different spot. We look confused and then laugh hysterically. He looks confused and then laughs hysterically.
  • Discussing a seed's life. Again. Spiritual growth. Again. God is showing us a theme! Because things that are alive.. grow! It's just what they do.
  • Whale noises and light-up keyboards with youth. LOL
  • Endless Princess Bride quotes.
  • Coming home to the sounds of prayer... That never gets old.

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