When Truth is Buried in the Sand

7:49 AM

I have discovered that when I willfully ignore the truth, I get offtrack.

When I don't track the food I'm putting into my body, I tend to overindulge and slowly but surely gain a few pounds. When I don't see the money going out of the bank, I'm more likely to spend a few dollars here and a few dollars there.
When I don't write down what I'm studying and what God is speaking to me, I'm more likely to be half-hearted.
When I don't have a to-do list, I put off tasks until tomorrow or the next day (though this might be because I actually don't remember what to do).

"It can't be that bad"... and yet it is.
"I'll do this later"... and yet I don't.
"I just don't feel like it" .... since when is that a good excuse?

I need to SEE the cold, hard facts before I make good decisions. Even writing this blog post is making me face the reality of my condition (physical, financial, spiritual, etc.). When I fill my day with work-entertainment-stuff, and I don't take time to think and write and reflect, I am able to ignore the reality of my situation. My life becomes about coasting along... living in a comfortable state of burying my head in the sand.

I'm convinced that silence is golden. Silence... stillness.. quietness of soul.. gives way for truth to be heard. Open ears. Open hearts. For me, silence and stillness and writing are the avenues of truth in my life. It is these moments --- whether in a park on my lunch break, or the moment when my hands are busy putting away dishwasher but the silence in my little kitchen surrounds me, or when I finally close my laptop and listen.

This world is filled with noise. Loud music, the radio, talking about stupid things, Facebook newsflashes, twitter, electronics, machinery, cars, conversation, 24-hour news stations, the stuff that we buy to "entertain" us, but actually we want it to comfort us. To tell us that our life is good and right and fulfilled and HAPPY. When I return to the silence, when the only words are my honest confessions before God, the TRUTH becomes evident.

It is the knowledge of the truth that sets us free. Don't block truth by shunning silence, refusing that listening ear and keeping your pen from writing the cold, hard facts of life.

After you know the truth, do something about it. Take action.
Without action, we remain ostriches... perfectly content in our lives... because our heads are buried in the sand.

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