The Unexpected

8:00 AM

Throughout our dating days, Brandon and I would often joke that romance would find us without even trying. Through the months of dating, we "happened" upon beauty and sunsets and oceans and moments that really did take my breath away. Moments where time stands still and life seems to be suspended for just a minute. Where I am stunned and awed and overwhelmed and thoroughly blessed by the privilege of the experience. Over the weekend, we had another one of those unexpected moments and I'm still thinking about it.

We spent the weekend heading over to New Jersey and back to photograph this wonderful wedding! I always really really REALLY enjoy road trips with my husband, and this one was surprisingly scenic. Who knew that New Jersey had some landscape almost as pretty as Pennsylvania? Not me. Except now I do. I should stop quoting Madagascar 2 in reference to New Jersey - "this place is a dump. are you sure we're not in New Jersey?" Because it was gorgeous landscape and lovely people and a wonderful trip. As a sidenote: I loved seeing alot of familiar faces, especially Brian & Liz (my January 2011 snowy winter wedding!) who are just as adorable and affectionate as the day they got married. I photographed their wedding just a few days after Brandon & I started dating and so the memories make me all ooey-gooey inside. I'm instantly transported back to the moment I photographed their first dance and the song that played "Lucky I'm in love with my best friend..." and how it actually meant something to me, so much more than any other first dance song I'd ever heard.

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked! Last weekend's wedding happened to be a morning wedding... and I am SUCH a fan of that kinda timeline! We started shooting at 8:30a.m. and on the road towards home by 5:00pm! So Brandon is driving and we're talking about date night. And we make a super-duper spontaneous decision to stop in Lock Haven, PA at one of our favorite coffee-shops... Avenue 209!

Hazelnut latte for me (because mochas are way too sweet for me these days) and double espresso for Brandon. There were some folk musicians playing, which made for pleasant background music as we enjoyed our coffee and whispered to each other. Eventually, we decided to walk because the weather was quite nice, for a change! July has been so blazing hot, that it was nice to have a reprieve into more normal temperatures. We walked by the town square.. which is actually a triangle.. where they were about to start an outdoor move showing of UP + free ice cream. So tempting! We decided to keep on walking and check out more of our current fascination with Victorian architecture. Kept on walking, kept on talking, as the sun was making the sky a fiery mess of rays. We noticed a hill up ahead... and thought maybe we could see the sun better from there.

Up a hill quickly... and as we topped the ridge, we saw this:

Sometimes God gives good gifts. The experience of watching a glorious sunset over a shimmering river with my husband?

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