Two Years & Twenty Reasons that I Love Him

7:00 AM

Love letters are precious, and usually you wouldn't see the inside of a love letter written in my hand. Today, I'm writing a shortened version of love letter to my husband. In our pre-marital counseling, our pastor had us write lists of ten reasons why we love the other person. That was fun. Since we've been married for two years today, I upped it to twenty reasons! :D

Dear Brandon, 
You are the most fascinating person in the world. You live with conviction. You have many words to share with me, and I never tire of hearing what is going on in your head. You are the epitome of the perfect man. You're the hardest-working man I know... and that's saying something. You are content to share silence and rest with me. You dream big, and then go make the dreams happen. You appreciate the beauty of God's creation, and especially our home together in the great state of Pennsylvania (those beautiful mountains make us sigh). You're brilliant. And you study like crazy without complaining one bit. You are patient and kind and ridiculously gentle. The passion in your smoky blue eyes still takes my breath away. You like ice cream almost as much as I do. You're willing to go on adventures with me. You take me on rainy-day coffee dates, and in doing that, express love in practical form. You are one hot & handsome man. You are happy to be my husband. You keep your promises. All of them. You represent Christ to me daily.  Because everything you vowed to me on August 6th, 2011, you live every single day. Being married to you is the closest to heaven I have ever been and I love you with all my heart. Your wife, Naomi 

pc: I'm Kristen

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