Just Live

12:00 PM

A little insight into our reality. We've lived for two years in blessed matrimony, without having a bit of contact with my husband's parents + my husband's twin brother/family + Brandon's lifelong friends + my friends of eight years. Why? Because they're in a cult (if you have a problem with that word, you could also call it an oppressive spiritual environment. Whatever makes you happy). They all think that because we calmly/Biblically/rationally stand against it, we're their enemies. Or something like that. It's pretty weird.

Here's the thing though. Marriage to Brandon was worth it. I could lose every bit of family and friends that I have, and it would still be worth it.There's one phrase in our wedding vows that seemed more real that day and continually is our reality, "forsaking all others."

The greatest challenge is living in continual love and forgiveness while being continually wronged. It's a struggle. It's hard. It's not fun. When our anniversary passes and we're reminded of another year without family, it hurts. When Brandon's birthday passes and we think, oh this is probably the day that his twin thinks about him most... it hurts. When we see families doing family things together.. family dinners, holidays, vacations, helping move.. it hurts. When... even 2 1/2 years later, I think of something funny/interesting that I want to share with old friends, it hurts. And so I choose.

I make a choice to love. I make a choice to forgive. I make a choice to pray. And then, I make a choice to LIVE.

I choose to dive in to the beautiful, blessed, glorious life that God has given me.
I breathe deeply.
I pray fervently.
I live fiercely.
I walk holy.
I give abundantly.
I dream with abandon. I hold nothing back. I live without regrets. I work hard. Love well. I refuse to be defined by the friendships that have been lost. I refuse to be poisoned by bitterness about the things that I lack. I refuse to be unloving because love has brought me pain. I refuse to give in and give up.

I choose to love, to laugh, to live. To live for eternity and to enjoy the present fully.

I choose to just live.

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