The Little Things & Big Things

8:50 PM

My fingers feel like ice cubes. And you might be thinking that I should turn the heat up in my house, but at the time of this writing, I’m actually at Starbucks. Maybe it’s a conspiracy propagated by business giants to subliminally convince people to BUY MORE COFFEE, but it might be simpler than that. Central Pennsylvania is going through a bit of a cold snap and hence, it’s COLD EVERYWHERE.
Brrrrrrr. Freeeezing cold.
I’ve been wearing dress pants as much as possible to work, and thinking, “Will anybody really notice that I already wore these black corduroys twice this week? Nawwww.” It’s about self-preservation, y’all. I must be preserved. I must be warm.

It is so interesting to me that something so miniscule and insignificant like being cold can test my character. I’m like, “my nose is cold. waaaaah.” I don’t usually whine out loud, but my thoughts are very whiny when it comes to cold.
One of the most profound things that my dad has ever said is this, “There is no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothing choices.” For those of you that haven’t done snow removal as a side job for ten or twenty years (like he did, and me, too), this translates into Preparation is Key! You are miserable --- not because of circumstances --- but because of the lack of preparation for those circumstances. You are miserable, but it’s nobody’s fault but your own.

When I was a homeschooled kid, we would pray together in the morning and sometimes go through the Scriptures about putting on the armor of God. It hit me recently that human response to life’s events are usually misery, complaining and altogether bad character. Dare I say that even my own response to trouble is the most childish complaining.

Here’s the thing: God has given us everything we need to be strong in the midst of storms. Trials come. They should not surprise us. The key is how we prepare for those trials. Are we spiritually healthy? Are we spiritually clothed? Are we spiritually sheltered?
Have we fed on the Bread of Heaven daily? Have we taken up the armor of God? Have we been sheltered under the refuge of the Almighty? Have we walked down the paths of life daily with our Helper & Guide?
Have we lived at the feet of Jesus?
Have we thought on good things?
Have we become spiritually prepared for the storms of soul that will surely, surely come? Trials come and we should not be surprised by them.
To sum up, I’m taking the profoundly practical words of my dad and applying them to spiritual things. Put your spiritual clothes on --- your armor – to get ready for the cold when it comes, because it will definitely come.

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