I’ll Take Those Little Victories

7:00 AM

When life is made of little and big challenges, sometimes ya just gotta rejoice in the little victories. Some of these victories are to-do list victories, or frugal living victories (this is what happy-homemakers do to keep their hard-working husbands happy--- keep the budget low!), or baby prep victories, or just Life-Is-Good victories. Enjoy!

~ A friend sent me a coupon code for another FREE Shutterfly 8x8 photobook! Now our New Orleans babymoon / third anniversary trip book is complete and on its way to my happy hands… for just the cost of shipping!

~ One dollar Amish butternut squash + a slow-cooker soup recipe waiting to be made. Nothing says wonderful autumn like squash!

~ A newly painted baby nursery / guest room. Transformed from an aqua-bluish (old roommate’s room!) color to a more neutral tan color called “Imperial Sands.” (Note: I love reading the descriptive terms on paint colors!). The nursery is painted and nothing else done, but I’m holding onto that paint victory! :)

~ Portraits done for a wiggly-squiggly three-month-old nephew and his smiles are worth their weight in gold. *sigh* Babies are so great. (note: retired from professional photography, but I make exceptions for blood relatives. Mostly because they don’t laugh too much when I fall over because I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant and my balance right now is waaay crazy!).

~ Two pairs of maternity skinny jeans (oxymoron, anyone?) in the mail to me for a grand total of $2.48. This is amazing, because I actually cried over the weekend because my ankles were cold. Maybe pregnancy hormones… buuuut it’s fall and I have capris and skirts, but no jeans that fit this pregnant body. So today, I ordered jeans… using a gift card, a coupon code + a standard free shipping offer. Now we just get to see if I ordered the correct size. #firstworldpregnancyproblems

~ Childbirth class homework this week includes practicing “labor comfort measures.” Brandon gets to give me a massage every day! Yay! I LOVE THIS HOMEWORK!

~ I organized the silverware drawer, because I’m slowing making my way through organizing the whole kitchen. Now I smile whenever I open the silverware drawer. Yes, I am happy because of the little things.

~ Also organized the baking supplies, spices and cookbooks cabinets in my kitchen... which is approximately 1/3 of my cupboard space... In the process, I climbed up on a chair (is that a bad thing?) and threw away nearly three trash bags of old cooking magazines, garage sale cookbooks and food that was waaaaaaaay past its expiration date. #dontmesswiththedeclutteringpregnantwoman

And that’s the end for now.
What are your little victories?  #Rejoicewiththemthatrejoice

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