Kangaroo Parenting and an Important Date

6:00 AM

I was reading a book to Devereaux a few days ago and learned an important fact. Baby kangaroos ("joeys") stay in their mama's pouch for nine months after birth. They eat and grow and hang out with mama very, very closely. Also, as I was reading more about kangaroos, I learned that sometimes when a joey is frightened, it jumps back into its mama's pouch headfirst. :) Cue the "aaaaaaws" and that totally reminds me of what Devereaux does in crowded places when he buries his head in my shoulder!

This is important, because our Devereaux just turned nine months old.... and we went on a real date! Without our little third wheel! He stayed with Grandma, who fed him snacks and made him giggle with real giggles by saying "uh-oh!" over and over. We didn't really think about the timing of it, but it seemed to work out perfectly and I laughed.

So I am adopting the term "kangaroo parenting" as my parenting philosophy. Because it's super-cute.

Also, just a few photos to mark the occasion.
 photo oldandnewlife-109_zpshz1akswg.jpg photo oldandnewlife-110_zpsvfie9c8i.jpg

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