End of Summer Vacation

3:53 PM

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After our planned vacation-week-in-the-mountains was cancelled in lieu of meetings with Brandon's advisor (not that I'm complaining, we got a graduate assistantship out of it!), we decided to reschedule for a short-n-sweet Labor Day weekend at the cabin.

I am learning to adjust my expectations for vacation to simply rest, read and spend time together.... And that's exactly what we did. Lots and lots of nothing (well, except when my parents came to visit and Brandon & my dad decided to bike all over creation. They do that for fun.).
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We introduced Devereaux to walking in nature and my obsession with putting my feet in cold water. It may be something that I just learned to do at my very first job as a "water girl" in a local greenhouse. Through the hottest days of summer, I learned that to keep cool, one must keep one's head and feet cool. And the easiest way to keep one's feet cool --- put them in water.

I adore wading in little creeks. Devereaux was slightly unsure, which was probably related to the water's iciness. But he quickly 'warmed' to the idea.
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I have a new favorite place: the local country store that sells ice cream (we visited twice!) and glass bottle soda. So refreshing.
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Or just be like Devereaux and drink daddy's water. FULL FACE DRINKING.
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Sigh-inducing mountain vistas make me glad that we are here in Pennsylvania.
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Though if you pay attention to the signage, you might be alarmed by the mountainous terrain. (I think someone messed up the installation of that sign!)
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This is where I start singing that song, "Take me home, country road, to the place I belong."
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