Shakespeare in the Park

9:46 PM

I feel like I'm trying fervently to get "caught up" on blogging... but I'm sure my various readers (comment if you read!) don't care how long ago these events are from, just as long as I post interesting pictures. AMIRIGHT?
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Technically, this fun little afternoon outing happened almost two weeks ago. I consider it our inaugural "welcome back to the little town of Bellefonte!" adventure.
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It was a beautiful day. Clouds suspended in blue skies. A slight summer breeze. And the capstone? Devereaux wasn't quite ready for naptime, and he was still happy! Perfect attitude for strolling from our little cottage to the park for some classy family entertainment of Shakespeare in the Park.
 photo shakespeare-101_zpseboodtu4.jpg
First, we watched the attempts at Shakespearean dancing. There were jokes and silliness and even the volunteers did surprisingly well. I spent my time thinking that it is no wonder that Shakespeare people didn't go to the gym, they were too busy running around the dance floor. It was not for the faint-hearted (or out of shape!).
 photo shakespeare-102_zps8fm60jft.jpg
We found an empty spot in the grass (without too many rogue ducks) to enjoy the show.
 photo shakespeare-103_zpsj3im2pkf.jpg
It was a strange, silly, and sometimes laugh-out-loud humorous take on many of Shakespeare's works. There were pop culture references (Star Wars!) that had even Brandon smirking.
 photo shakespeare-106_zpslw1ldsng.jpg
Side note: This is where Brandon tried to take our picture and Devereaux grabbed at the camera, which fell down on my leg and gave me such a nasty bruise (it's a quality camera) that I actually put make-up on it.
 photo shakespeare-107_zpslrd0zi4h.jpg
While I fake-pouted in pain, Daddy & Devereaux had some fun.
 photo shakespeare-108_zps8vytrtgk.jpg
It was the people-watching that was the most entertaining. I kept trying to figure out who was with the theatrical troupe and who just happened to arrive at our local park in costumes they had lying around the house.
 photo shakespeare-104_zpsmsttegih.jpg
There were various children-friendly activities (FREE) going on, but we didn't participate because Devereaux isn't quite old enough to appreciate those things. I was lobbying for a cool balloon hat until Brandon told me horror stories about kids choking on broken bits of balloons. Aaaaaaand no more big ideas of cute pictures of Devereaux encased in hats made of plastic.
 photo shakespeare-109_zpsjx4moscn.jpg
A Maypole? What? Is it May? Are there poles about?
 photo shakespeare-110_zpsdpkllvuz.jpg
It was a delightful afternoon excursion. Favorite part: the surprisingly fantastic flute-playing... I thought it was a recording! And while I still think Shakespeare was a wee bit crazy, those plays are worth a few laughs anyway.
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