Crashing Into Normalcy

10:47 AM

It's the end of wedding season 2013 and I couldn't be more thrilled. I likened this weekend to a sugar crash. You eat the sugar, feel great for awhile and then feel more tired than ever!

Weddings are awesome.
Photographing weddings is hard.
Super-hard. At the end of a wedding, my feet hurt and my whole body wants to melt into a puddle on the floor. I think it's the standing and walking and moving for at least eight hours that hurts so much. This forty-hour-a-week-accounting-assistant is not used to that. Also, the general lack of food/water/caffeine. On a side note, you have never seen anyone drink coffee as fast as I do at weddings. GulpgulpDONE. Where's the bride and groom? Where's my laptop? How are we doing on time? We good? I'm going to make a slideshow!

This weekend was my first and only ever double-header-wedding-weekend. After our normal week of college-classes and regular jobs, we crashed for ten hours of sleep on Friday night. Then Saturday dawned and I blogged a wedding (booyah). Then I went to my church and washed dishes in prep for a wedding there for a friend! From washing dishes to taking pictures, it was a very diverse day. Sweet ceremony, lovely portrait-taking time in Talleyrand Park and a very-fun reception because I got to hold nieces and talk to friends! This included trying to badger people into telling me their baby names, having conversations across the table with other small people and semi-sort-of inviting friends over for tea because soon my evenings/weekends might be less busy! YAYENDOFWEDDINGSEASON. Also listened to the Penn State game on live stream and danced with joy around the room when they won in quadruple overtime! First football game we've listened to and it was a good one!

Sunday dawned and we traveled south to photograph the wedding of my sister's husband's cousin. Sounds like a far-off relative, but we're really not related at all -- just privileged to have met them and become friends! I had a moment where I realized that I have TOTALLY been to the wedding venue before. For some reason, I was thinking that it was at a different ski resort. Then I realized, ohmygosh, I went to Christian music festivals here back in the day. And this spot is kinda hard to find so the first time I came here (like 10 years ago!), I ended driving to the Maryland border. LOL Yeah, I got lots of teasing for that. Anyway, I definitely liked it better as a wedding venue than a music festival venue (of course, I've never been real thrilled with the Christian music festival movement. Not gonna rant about that now, though). And the wedding went perfectly, and it was fun seeing my four little blonde nieces across the reception venue, or standing next to me while I'm photographing, or accompanying me to the chocolate fountain table. I ended up with chocolate on my dress (at about little 3yearold niece hand height), and had to be rescued by the sis' ever-present miracle baby wipes. It was a long-and-beautiful day, brightened even more by the company of past-clients-and-friends and fellow folks who love Jesus.

Then we celebrated the end of wedding season with Sheetz on the drive home. Because that is what Pennsylvania people do. Brandon had a pumpkin pie frappucino, which he loved and I thought was weird.

If y'all excuse me, I'm now going into winter-hibernation mode.
Stick around here at the personal blog and I might actually share photos from our summer travels and our silly-but-quietly-awesome normal life. Me to Brandon on the drive home: "Hey, I'm just a wife now! Not a wedding photographer! Isn't that great?!"

My photography will now consist of food & coffee.
I am super-happy about that.

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