Heaping Grace Upon Grace

8:00 AM

In chatting with a friend recently about mutual difficult times, she said something that ministered to my heart. It was simple and not-too-interesting to anyone else but me.
"In that time, there is grace."

The thing that people like to say but nobody exactly know what it means.
It's real, powerful, overwhelming, abundant.
It's God giving all that I need in the time that I need it.

Grace is not a feeling, but sometimes, yes, I do feel grace.

When it's midnight and Brandon has been studying for hours.
When I forgot that it's another mid-term exam night.
When I get to find out personal family news via the internet.
When life hurts and when it doesn't hurt.
When I plan for another holiday with significant losses within our family ranks.
When we have to make hard decisions, but they're not that hard because God has illuminated the path we go in the most incredible way.
When I remember that singing worship songs in the kitchen while doing dishes is the best way to do chores.
When the alarm clock taunts me too soon after I lay down to sleep.
When change is coming and I can fear it or embrace it. 

I feel the grace of God up under me like a faithful foundation stone, like a soft cloud of necessary rain in the spring, like the electric caffeine in my veins after a late night.

Grace is constant. Grace is practical. Grace is real. Grace is super-human, beyond human, spiritual!

"The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you."
1 Cor. 16:23

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