Actions | August 1st

10:17 AM

I borrowed these little writing prompts from another blogger, because I love the idea of writing prompts. I’m trying to make my way back to simple blogging. To me, simple blogging is just writing… maybe a photo splashed on the page, too… but mostly just words, without the bother of sharing links on instagram or facebook, because that takes up time and makes me feel a great pressure to have a GREAT blog entry. Really, I just wanna write and share my life. If you’re interested, then that’s wonderful. I’ll keep writing. :)

|making| piles of laundry because I need to laundry things before packing things for our travel extravaganza starting tomorrow.
|cooking| everything with zucchini. Lasagna, quiche and if I hadn’t used my last eggs this morning – zucchini bread pancakes (so delicious!).
|drinking| buckets of water.
|reading| The Birth Partner and Les Miserables. I’m diverse like that.
|wanting| a bagel. Probably an everything bagel with cream cheese. I love those things, and I can walk to Panera in ten minutes, and it’s Friday, and our groceries are running low, so why not?
|looking| out at the cloudy day, and wondering where the sun is hiding.
|playing| at being a homemaker. It still feels like I’m on an extended vacation --- or a bit of a “holding pattern.” Maybe I’ll wake up one day in PA and realize that this wonderful thing of staying home & keeping house is not a dream – and I never have to go back to an office again! {rejoicing at the blessing}
|wasting| maybe one last zucchini because I don’t know what to do with it. :(
|sewing| haha. I don’t sew, but I left this little prompt up because I have been gathering a little stack of mending and alterations that need to be done when I return to Pennsylvania (MOM! I NEED YOU!!!!)
|wishing| I could learn to not worry about other people’s decisions so much. Sometimes it keeps me awake at night, and I have to consciously make an effort to count my own blessings --- instead of laboring over things I can’t control.
|enjoying| travel-planning our babymoon/third wedding anniversary trip!
|waiting| for the time when I get to hold our little baby for the first time. I actually got a little teary the other day while reading about childbirth…. when I got to the moment of the baby being born. It shocked me, because I’m not a teary person in general.
|liking| BABIES, BABIES, BABIES. My facebook/instagram feeds are filled-to-the-brim with people having babies and taking photos of their babies and it’s awesome.
|wondering| if I will actually use the jogging stroller that wonderful family folks are buying for me, if the cost is justified, or if I will carry the baby in a carrier and use the stroller for cargo. Hmmmm.
|loving| that ridiculously amazing man that I married. Words can’t even describe how much I love him.
|hoping| for peaceful travels as we go to see my ailing grandfather, then go on a business trip, then go on an anniversary trip (I told you it was a travel extravaganza). And then…. go HOME.
|marveling| at the miracle of life and the nearness of death.
|needing| hugs. or kisses. Especially the chocolate variety. ;)
|smelling| blooming trees and flowers.
|wearing| maternity clothes. I like to tell my sister when I’m wearing her clothes. It’s fun. :)
|noticing| my fingernail polish is chipped, as usual. This is why I usually only do toenails.
|knowing| God is good. God is big. God is more than enough in every circumstance.
|thinking| a lot about marriage and purpose and how to please God daily in what I do and how I love my husband.
|feeling| so happy that Brandon got another department scholarship! Scholarships really help the process when one pays for college tuition oneself.
|bookmarking| hotel deals and restaurant recommendations and cute little baby shoes.
|opening| the walk-in closet door. It’s probably the only thing I’ll really miss from this apartment. {because Sunnyside Cottage does not have good closets. #oldhouseproblems}
|giggling| at myself when I make jokes. ALL the time. At least someone is amused.

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