Football & Fires

6:34 AM

Dreary rain fell throughout Friday afternoon and evening. An autumn chill-finally-was in the air. I just wished the cooler weather would've come another day. I spent the evening walking around the high school football game. Sometimes I watched and sometimes I muttered, "C'mon, lightning! Come now!" (If there is lightning, the game must be stopped.) The Crazy Kid gave me his gloves to wear, like a true gentleman. And I drank a monster-sized cup of hot chocolate to try to get warm...

Finally, the game ended. State High has won! Woot. The youth group and I congregated at someone's house for a football afterparty. I sat with my back to the fire as we roasted marshmallows, played Blurt (should've been called "Scream"), talked about Godliness and culture and spent some time 'round the piano. At midnight, Cinderella's carriage turned into a pumpkin. Actually, the big white van began the arduous journey of taking youth people to their respective homes. It was a long time before The Little Bro and I made it home, but I liked having that extra time to talk with people.

Saturday began with hours of errands. Eventally The Mom and I came home again, with lots of carpet samples, some groceries and closet organizational stuff. More hours were spent by the fire, trying to recover from the lack of sleep on Friday. Late in the evening, I found the PSU vs. Ohio State game on the radio. It was really too sad to spend my night listening to that football game. So I spent my time making an apple pie, bluecherry buckle and moving my boxes of books again. Some day soon I will be able to stop moving!

Sunday--Blessed day of worship & rest! It is good to be in God's house. After the morning service, we all gathered downstairs for the Pastor Appreciation Dinner. Great fun, and incredibly loud. Much conversation about photography, my almost-electrocution, football, funny little children and most importantly, the Scarlet Thread that binds us together. It was about 5:00 p.m. when the family and I got home... It was cold again, so this time *I* built a blazing fire. Be amazed. 'Twas a nice quiet evening at home....

And so ends my weekend.

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