My Party Perspective

6:39 AM

The Little Bro only turns 18 once. So we had a big party. I love parties. I love big parties. I love big, happy, loud parties at my house. It's just FUN. I spent no less than 2.5 hours creating tiny appetizer-type whoopie pies for the party. They were adorable and disappeared in record time, but I was so tired from baking and frosting those itty-bitty confections.... :) Hopefully, The Little Bro appreciates my sacrifice and suffering. Let's not even talk about the 3 page To-Do List that was organized by day. The Mom spent several hours on my costume, and it was wonderful 'cause she's a sewing genius. And she didn't even mind me raiding her jewelry box for the perfect pearl-and-gold necklace. FYI, I went as Jane Austen (author of Pride & Prejudice).

Some Party Snapshots:

-"Have a rubber band!" A mixer game we played. Don't say the word "like" or someone will take your rubber band. I lost mine after a record 1 second. The Crazy Kid won, after asking me nearly 10 times when the end of the game would be. And that's why we call him Crazy.

-Stepping on my hem 3 times and falling back down when trying to get up off the couch... Because people back in the Regency era didn't have the kind of couch that swallows you! And maybe my dress was a *tiny* bit too long. That's what I get for wearing flats.

-Playing the happy hostess. Which involved food, the "herding" skills, taking pictures... and never actually playing UNO with people like I suggested!

-Laughing and laughing at the costumes. Zorro, SpongeBob, a mime, a hitman, Queen Esther, a black-eyed pea, a geisha (or two), a cow with the "Eat Mor Chikin" sign, 3 lovely princesses, a butterfly, some people from the 1950's, a missionary, Guinevere, Sylvester the Cat, a cowgirl, a cowboy, a real gangsta and a wannabe gangsta, and more.

-The musical group in the recording studio that was ever changing in instruments and vocalists. Sometimes sounding good and sometimes a little too tentative (that's what happen when people meet microphones and studio headphones for the first time). I loved to stay and listen, but duty calls!

-The "doormen," several nice young gentlemen that liked to hang out in doorways. The Silent One always laughed at my wittyness. I always like people that laugh at my jokes. Then again, maybe he was smirking on the inside. You can never tell with the quiet ones!

I felt like quite the social butterfly--flitting and floating about, never staying too long in one place, half-finished conversation and quick smiles... Makes me want to have another big party... well, maybe in a month or so. :)

I'll leave you with a bit of Austenian wisdom, which was illustrated plainly at the party...
"Shyness is only the effect of a sense of inferiority in some way or other. If I could persuade myself that my manners were perfectly easy and graceful, I should not be shy."

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