Laugh A Little Bit

12:30 PM

Maybe it was lack of sleep. Or too much sun exposure. Or the result of a sugar rush caused by chocolate milk consumption. Any way ya look at it---I was downright SILLY as we travelled home from the beach. Silly enough to elicit scared looks and "Naomi, you are interesting" remarks from The Trinidadian. (although that's perfectly normal---even complimentary, since he usually calls people 'retarded.')

Back to my silliness. There was uncontrollable giggling, reading text messages over someone's shoulder, making funny remarks and ultimately telling this joke;

"A man goes to the doctor, complaining that he can't talk.
The doctor picks up a hammer and pounds the man's thumb.
'AAAAAAH!' the man yells.
'Great,' says the doctor, 'Come back tomorrow and we'll work on 'B'."

* laughs and laughs*

Abruptly, my personal calm reappears.
"(The City Guy), do you have gospel? Give me some soul!" -Me
And with a little rockin' worship music, I wiggled my way into a tight spot on the floor of the van.. and fell asleep.... woke up 2 hours later as we pulled into the church parking lot. :)

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