Shattered, Crushed, Broken

7:00 AM

"I was at ease, but He shattered me,
And He has grasped me by the neck
and shaken me to pieces;
He has also set me up as His target."
Job 16:12
This Scripture doesn't simply illuminate my life; it is my life. On Sunday, Pastor preached a sermon about hypocrisy. Play-acting. Doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Being fake, false, and altogether insincere. Then I considered some recent testimonies about true repentance. Then circumstances combined to form one huge, monumental weight that seemed to crush my heart. Then I finally listened to the voice of the Spirit convicting.

And this verse brought it all home. Everything that has happened, been preached or said, circumstances, people, my own frustration---everything--is God's way of breaking this stubborn soul, my self-will and self-sufficiancy.
I thought everything was okay--great, even--but then the Lord shattered me, demolished me, pulverized me. Yes, He took me by the neck and shook me into a billion pieces. I am His target for brokenness. Surrender. He wants total mastery over me.

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