TX: God's Work

7:00 AM

I went to Dallas, Texas for a youth camp/conference/encounter with the Lord…. expecting that my youth group would be touched by the Lord. I even expected that I would be encouraged. But I just didn’t expect the depth of the words that God spoke to my heart…

He convicted me of hidden sin.
He challenged my faith.
He changed my vision.
He gave me eyes to see like He sees.
He restored my first love.
He gave me right perspective, “Ministry is hard when you pick up things that God never told you to pick up.”
He called me to Himself.
He crucified my flesh.
He humbled my wretched pride.
He broke me… reduced me to tears..
He convinced me of my utter dependence on Him, and my certain failure without Him.
He spoke words in gentle truth in my ear—that I could speak to the youth.
He reminded me that other people love Him, too.
He caused my heart to cry out in worship.
He satisfied my soul’s longing.
He left me in total awe of the Spirit’s power.
He confirmed His Word to me… through the words of youth.
He turned all focus to Himself—where it rightfully belongs!

And if this is all that God did in my heart… what has He done in the hearts of the youth? Time will tell. For almost four hours on the last day, we had a meeting in the van. Worshipped, prayed and mostly talked about what God is speaking to the youth group as a whole and what we need to practically change. And then just spontaneous exhortation and encouragement. There was zeal and passion and fire in their eyes… and a huge smile on my face! This is what I LOVE. Seeing youth passionate for Jesus… wow. It just thrills my soul. Already (after 4 days back), I have witnessed practical changes in their lives. May God give grace to each of us! That we may live for His glory! And accurately reflect the character of God in this world.

“Help us, O God of our salvation,
for the glory of Your name!…”

Psalm 79:9

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