TX: Quotes

11:42 PM

“Darn it! I forgot my chopsticks” –The Joker

“I’ll beat the fool outta him” – Adam McCain, director of CFNI.

“It was like that Indian trail.” –The Joker refers to playing games outside in 105 degree Texas heat.
“The Trail of Tears?” –Me
“Yeah, that’s it! It was like the Trail of Tears!” –The Joker

“And when he said, ‘Gig,’ I almost body-slammed him.” –Adam McCain about people treating ministry like a job.

“AAH! Your foot touched me again. Don’t touch me!” –Family Friend

*sings* “Mind your own business.. mind your own business and stay out of miiiiine!” *singing to the tune of Feliz Navidad*

“What do YOU think the giraffe’s name should be? Frederick or Jack?” –The Crazy Kid
“Jack!” –Me (Naming the giraffe statue at Dallas Zoo)
“Oh, come ON!” –The Crazy Kid
We eventually named the giraffe, Sebastian Jack Walter Merl Melman... err something like that.

“While you were sleeping, we saw a town called ‘St. Elmo’ for your list!” –The Pastor’s Wife… because I was making a list of weird town names.
Including London, Palestine, Friendship, Jericho, Paris, Pocahontas and Brazil. :)

“Stop trying to get to the inner place of anointing and take time to die in the outer court.” –Banning Liebscher, guest preacher.

“Just sayin’.” –Mike Bond, assistant YFN director… this oft-repeated phrase is only powerful if it follows something painfully blunt and accompanied by shrugging shoulders and a look of innocence. :)

“I will CUT you!” –I don’t even know who first said this little ghetto phrase. You must say it with attitude and a little finger-wagging and head-shaking… :) HA-larious!

“I feel the wind of the Spirit… oh no, that’s the air conditioning!” –Me

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