Water & Fire

11:16 PM

To sum up my weekend in two words, it would be "water" and "fire." (and maybe some pretty summer clouds, too, but that can be a bonus!).

Friday. An afternoon at the lake. The Little Bro fished. I read and hid under the bridge as a thunderstorm passed over us. I wasn't hiding because of fear--I LOVE summer rainstorms!--but rather because I don't like getting books and expensive cameras and food to be wet. That would be icky. Fishing wasn't too successful... even with this nifty little bait thing... If I was a fish, I would definitely bite that! Or wear it as an accessary.
Afternoon turns to evening. Semi-solitary existence turns to socializing. The Parents returned from vacation to a full house of picnicing guests. Sizzling burgers and their delicious grilling aromas. Tables groaning from lovely (patriotic) food.
And me wandering around the party with a camera. Because that's what I do. Still loving the silhouette pics. In case you are wondering, I try to avoid posting pictures of people unless they are silhouetted or darkened. Maybe I'm paranoid. Or protective of my friends. But it helps that I love the dusky evening light...
And then darkness fell and the REAL fun began. Gathering around the bonfire for warmth, smoke in our eyes, throwing marshmallows and making s'mores. And the brilliant contribution from The Butterfly Girl---Glowsticks! Yes, we are easily amused!
And more fire... the more dangerous kind! Pushed into the ground, and lit with a blow torch.
And the evening just kept going and going. With some time with our feet in the hot tub. Talking about what we are believing God for. Then spontaneous prayer and worship. What a sweet sound of praise. The Church is not a meeting! It is a Body of people who love Jesus!

Saturday dawned bright and waaaay too early. My family and some friends headed out to Ricketts Glen State Park for hiking (yes!), waterfalls (YES!!) and picnicking..

The first waterfall. The Little Bro stated that he loves hiking with me now, because I stop so often to take pictures...

And this just intrigued me. It's like modern nature art.

Onward to central Pennsylvania's fabulous 4th Fest. Carnival food--which is awesome. Gathering on blankets awaiting the fireworks. And this is when I felt the most patriotic. There's just something about standing in a multitude of people, with a hand over my heart, singing the words of the "Star Spangled Banner" while the summer breezes blow. And then the mournful notes of "Taps" play and I consider many who have lost their lives for MY freedom. For the independence of the United States of America. In that moment, I am most proud to be an American.

And the end. Alot of BOOM! and BANG! and ridiculous amounts of light!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!!!

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