People, People, Everywhere

8:53 PM

I like people.
Which is a good thing, because this weekend was filled to the brim with people. Small people. Tall people. Young people. Old people. Happy people. Sad people. Family people. Friends people.
All sorts of people.

Rain forced my hand on Friday. Executive decision to change the youth event at the last minute. A house filled with rowdy teenagers and the savory smell of homemade pizza baking. Sounds of game wars - Monopoly, Blurt and Catchphrase. Best facial expressions go to The Joker for wanting to kill anyone who interrupted his card-reading. Hahaha. Best game (in my opinion) was the super-fast, super-violent, super-funny round of Catchphrase about FOOD... and since my sis & her two little girlies were staying at my house for the weekend, I loved to see the little girls curled up next to my youth, listening to storybooks. :) ... after the monstrous crowd of youth found their ways home, it was just me & the roomies & The Sis. Some good girlie time. :)

It was still steadily dripping rain on Saturday morning. And here's a clue about future motherhood - small people don't sleep in. Haha. Good motivation to get on with our day! Breakfast. Chattering. Relaxing in my living room. And then off to the library. And the toy store. And that little drug store that sells penny candy! And then another toy store. Lunchtime & chattering with another roomie. (I like having three roommates -- it means there is almost always someone to talk to!). :) Naptime for the little girlies, and walk for me, then relaxing with some reading. My sis has a talent for organizing so throughout the afternoon and evening, we went from one little project to another! My to-do list is getting smaller. THANK YOU, SIS! Another late night with The Sis & random roomies.... Must. Stop. That. The social pull is often too much for me! :)

Now we get to see church people! WOOT. I love church. And church people. I guess that would be the same thing! :) Lunch with family people. Maturity @ the pizza place = family bantering, drinking straw covers flying through the air, lame jokes and general fun. At home, family + friends --> cheering for the Steelers = victory. And no nap for me! (Cheering is very loud)... The weekend is almost done. Youth meeting. Chatting with The Pastor & his Wife. :)

Sooo many people.
I like people.

And now methinks I need some alone time. :) hahaha...

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