Worship Team Fun

11:08 PM

  • Changing wires and being confused with The Little Bro and The Tall Guy.
  • And these three buttons do… absolutely nothing. And this button also does… absolutely nothing!” – The Tall Guy
  • Playing “The Happy Song” faster and faster and faster… and then stopping completely to give the drummer (The Little Bro) a withering look. His only response was to smile mischievously and say “I wanted to see how fast you could play!”
  • Smiling outrageously during new song practice – I. Love. New. Songs!
  • Musical microphones. Musical instruments.. Yes, you use these to make music. We make music while switching around from mic to mic and instrument to instrument. Aka. our version of musical chairs!
  • The Green-Eyed Girl’s happiness at those musical “lightbulb” moments as she played the electric guitar. “I can play it! For real! Yay!”
  • Yeah, I like music loud and fast… methinks it’s a church preference. I always end up telling people to play their instruments harder. I like when drummers beat the drums to death. :) And of course, as a keyboard player, I pretty much rock that keyboard. Literally, I mean. The keyboard rocks because I play it so hard! LOL
  • Repeating MILA (My Life Is Average) stories during youth practice with The Crazy Kid… and then laughing so hard that I threw my head back and cracked it on the corner of the wall behind me! OUCH.
  • And you know it was a good worship practice when… my pinkie finger is sore.

Our youth group motto used to be “Pray hard. Play hard.”
I love that motto.
It illustrates the principle that we should be passionate and hard-working in everything that we do. During the short teaching time when the worship team met, we learned that worshipping is simply another opportunity to serve Christ and serve others. Through humility. With “secret” practice, or non-visible and therefore non-recognized service.

Ultimately, in worship team… and in life, we want to disappear.

That Christ alone is seen.

And worshipped.

And glorified.

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