9:44 PM

That means... Weekend in RRRRRRReview! :)
And what have I been doing?

Grocery shopping
Garlic hunting
Christmas music humming
Cake baking
Snow still falling... earliest snow in central PA's history!
Roomie bonding
Photo uploading
Movie watching
Weekend sleeping
Saturday waking
Cleaning, cleaning...
Cake frosting
Family phone-calling (on 3rd day without electricity. It's hard living on a mountaintop).
Spontaneous photography driving
Rain falling and freezing
Camera drying
(More) Photo uploading
Food prepping
Family welcoming
Victorious football watching
Girlie family bonding
Photography logo editing
Funny face-making (with little people)
Anniversary cake serving
Family hugging
Computer struggling
Website is winning!
More TV crime fighting
Weekend sleeping (YES)
Cell phone ringing
Worship team practicing/smiling/singing
Pseudo-mocha drinking
Sunday School storytime laughing
Stuck-in-the-nursery ordering ("I need to get out of here. Really. I do!")
New song introducing
Mission trip announcing!
Loud preaching and then Amen-ing
Sunday lunch leftover consuming
Roomie cozy pull-out couch bed movie watching
Yummy food blogging
Restful dozing
UNIT preparing
Animal talking... it's unavoidable. I talk to animals.
UNIT discussion quoting
Sermon file transfering
Deep discussions while driving
Roomie pedicure bonding (we bond alot.)

and now....

And my favorite quote of the weekend:
The Crazy Kid's response to people who believe in the Big Bang Theory...
"Do you use a grenade to clean your room?"

HA! I love it!

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