Short-Term Memory Loss

10:19 PM

My friends know... I have short-term memory loss. I don't remember ALOT of things. The Golden Girl just told me a whole story about how we had a conversation a few months ago and she told me random information about Pentecostal church history. I didn't really believe her (I guess-I don't remember). And then The Pastor confirmed the information in his sermon this morning. She was all excited and was gonna say 'I told you so' to me, but... she didn't. Because she knew I wouldn't remember the first conversation.

And I don't.
And I really don't remember people's names.
And I hardly remember what I did on Friday... give me a second, I'm sure it will come to me!

In the meantime, one great aspect of short-term memory loss is that I don't remember bad things. I don't remember when people have wronged me. When I have been hurt. When I have made mistakes. When I did something stupid. When I spoke out of turn.

I have no regrets, because I have no memories of things to regret.

Trust me, it's a great way to live! :)

Hahahaha. Okay, so maybe I regret a few things.. but they are few and far between. And I am still working on remembering my weekend. :)

Friday. Grocery shopping. Cleaning. Laundry. Book organizing. Reading. Porch-swinging. Moonlight. Hot tea. Contemplating and dreaming. Sometimes I really love solitude. Maybe because it is rare, and therefore very appreciated.
Saturday. Lovely morning in the Word, with some homemade hot cocoa. *Sigh* I really thought it was a chilly day... and then I went to my youth boys' football game. And the sun nearly burned me alive! What? Okay, favorite parts of that football game? Waffling between two opinions, a.k.a. different sides of the fields because my boys were on different teams. Once, I forgot who I was cheering for and got slapped upside the head! LOL Yeah, we're family. We do that. :) Love the muddy field. And one kid's red shoes. And taking pictures.... Back home for more football! Penn State proud this week! Then rooomie night. Long British movie, with jokes and yummy cinnamon flop and text-messaging each other and pranks and five hours of me working on photography business stuff while socializing with my favorite roomie girls! :)
Sunday. Here in Your courts where I'm close to Your throne, I found where I belong... Two sessions of Pentecostal history, which definitely brought back good memories of my Bible college days. :) Restful afternoon. 1-minute drive to the place where youth UNIT would be tonight. I had never been to this house before and I LOVED it. Old farmhouse style, with high ceilings, stone fireplace, secret-ish rooms, many stairways, wood floors, the third-floor attic bedroom with windows on three sides... and my absolute favorite part---sliding wooden panel doors in the living room!! Just. TOO. Awesome. We had a great meeting. But I just had to say how enthralling the house was. :)

And now, good night. :)

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