Rain, Roomies, Randomness

6:55 AM

My weekend went something like this....

  • I'm pretty sure that I have turned into the typical youth leader.. Giving rides to the youth, spending alot of time gathering up snack/scavenger hunt lists, shushing people so I can give directions and clutching my hot mocha while talking. Hahaha.... Non-typical youth leader stuff: I'm a girl. I tell stupid jokes. And I laugh at them myself.
  • Two hours in the pouring rain in search of scavenger hunt items. My shoes, socks, jeans, coat and hair were all soaking wet. The raindrops washed down my face constantly.. but we kept a good attitude. Like my daddy says, "You can only get so wet." (I like rain. I like puddle-jumping. And I like making good memories in the rain)... In my defense as a youth leader, it wasn't raining until we started!
  • Twenty youth in a living room. With marshmallows and a blazing warm fire in the fireplace.
  • Flash, flash, flash!! Taking pictures of all my wonderful youth and young adult leaders with the gorgeous new flash that I just bought... It is only gorgeous because it's large and quality and expensive. And if it gets hurt, I will cry. The end.
  • Oh, and some thoughts on the scavenger hunt. My team was the only one in possession of a dead rodent! And we still didn't win. :( LOL But we certainly made an effort!
  • 3 hours of photography instruction. I love the Internet.
  • Meeting the bridal party at a wedding that I was 2nd shooting. A.k.a. assistant photographer. Pretty autumn flowers.
  • Having my toes stepped on 3 times by large men. They said they didn't even see me... Seriously? I didn't think I was *that* short!
  • Quacking at the ducks before wedding portraits. What is with me communicating with animals? Hmmmmm.
  • Playing peek-a-boo with a cute little kid @ the wedding.
  • Looooooong British classic movie. The worst one I've ever watched. Jane Eyre is a depressing, twisted, weird movie. Don't watch it.
  • SILLY roommate conversations, pillow fights, throwing candy wrappers, etc. We are mature.
  • In Christ alone, my hope is found... tears when I remember that Jesus is my Rock, my foundation, my help and my hope. When I remember the pain that He endured for me. When I remember that He accomplished victory!!
  • Intense concentration during the preaching of the Word. Pretty sure that I forgot to "amen" most of the time. Except when Pastor started bashing the over-sharing on Facebook. You know I had to AMEN that!
  • Roomie conference. LOL. Actually, just a lunch-time conversation that turned into an hour-long discussion about why fictional characters need Jesus. And then we decided to pull out the couch's hide-a-bed so we could cover it with blankets and pillows, and relax while watching TV. Because we are just the best roomies ever!
  • Thinking missions trip, missions trip, missions trip! I have too many things to think about to have a one-track mind... but when something excites me, watch out! Because I am consumed!! And right now, it's a MISSIONS TRIP.
  • UNIT. What shall we do to work the works of God? How can we "behold" Christ? Loving John 6:26-40. And getting specific about living the Word.
  • Joke sharing, brownie eating and playing a violin for the first time in my life! I picked up the violin in the house and started to play... so fun and sounded pretty good! I (heart) moody violin music! :)

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