Our Daily Texas Wildlife

8:02 AM

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In attempts to familiarize myself with the area (plus the fact that we are a one-car family, so the only places I go involve trekking with a stroller and my feet), we go on walks every single day. I have started to consider "fresh air" as some of the best medicine available. Sometimes I feel allergic to air conditioning.... Don't get me wrong; I truly appreciate A/C in this Texas heat. Walking outside in the middle of the day feels like an oven! But sometimes the contrived, filtered and overly cool air feels almost as stifling.
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We have learned our lesson about walking in the middle of the day or even the edge of the late afternoon.... i.e. don't be an idiot! Siesta time is for a reason! The heat seems to peak around 3:00 pm, and while that is most convenient for me, it's just too hot for strolling. Early evening is the absolute best time. It's not too hot, (sometimes) not too buggy and where we are, there are some thrillingly refreshing lake breezes!
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I have been pleasantly surprised and delighted by the wildlife out here in our neck of the woods!
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Snapping turtles, and amazingly colored birds, SO many deer! And how can I forget my new lizard friend, Larry?
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Larry appeared on our patio chair one day and stayed for an entire week, just hanging out. I thought he was dead because he hung out so long, but then changed position and hung out almost upside-down! He is gone now... perhaps he found another patio to vacation on.

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We live smack in the middle of a golf course! People drive by in their golf carts ALL the time. Just last night, we were passed by a golf cart with a daddy, mommy, toddler and dog. At least the dog wasn't driving. Or the toddler, for that matter.

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Sometimes Devereaux is exhausted by his extensive stroller-riding. Or he just wants my coffee.

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Oh hey guys, do you see the grazing deer?
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My favorite part of walking is always the slow, happy, refreshing conversation. The day is coming to a close, we are remembering the best parts and turning to the next day with joy. I am happy to be on a Texas adventure (with deer!), happy to be a part of my little family and happy to be alive!

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