(Almost) Family Fun

6:38 AM

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of spending time with extended family. Except they're not really *my* extended family. They are my sis's in-laws. What that means to me, I have no idea! But anyway, there's two adorable little boys that I'm going to call The Nephews-In-Law. :) They romp and smile and run and jump and just look angelic through it all. It was like DOUBLE the family, double the fun! :)

Good times:
-Reading the "moon book" (book with a light-up moon) 7 times!
-Making a salad and offering the older Nephew-In-Law a carrot. "I only like the red ones."
-The sweet smile of the little Nephew-In-Law.
-Sitting by the blazing fire and the older Nephew-In-Law's very-serious comment, "They need to turn the lightning off!"
-"Drinking" countless imaginary smoothies from the play kitchen.
-The Nephews-In-Law's hilarious romping. Only boys have the innate drive to do painful things and laugh about them. What a rough-and-tumble bunch!
-Sharing my salad during lunch.
-The Little Lady Baby falling asleep in my arms.
-Laughing at thrown utensils. (I can do that because I'm an auntie, not a mommy!)

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