Meteor Shower

6:40 AM

Last Thursday, I read an article about the Quadrantid meteor shower. If you're interested in particulars, you can see it here I might consider myself an amateur star-gazer. Even "amateur" might be a stretch. Though I'm fascinated with a starry sky, I can only recognize three constellations and the moon!

On Thursday night, I determined that there was no way I was getting up in the middle of the night to look for shooting stars. Sleep is precious to me-what can I say? The thoughts must've got into my brain, because I had a rather violent dream about watching the meteor shower. It was so violent that in the morning (it's still dark when I get up), it took 5 minutes to convince myself that it was safe to leave the house. :) Haha, dreams are straaaaange!

Anyway, since it was an hour after moonrise and towards the end of the meteor shower, I really wasn't expecting much of a show. Imagine my surprise when the total shooting stars I observed were 7 in 10 minutes!! Rockin' awesome!

Now don't you wish you lived on a mountaintop? :)

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