New Year's Resolutions

8:02 PM

Alot of people make New Year's resolutions around this time. And it's usually a big joke. Because instead of "resolving" to do something, people wish for it. The resolutions are always ridiculous and implausible. Like "I'm gonna lose 50 pounds in 3 months! Or, this year I'm gonna be fluent in French!" (I'm pretty sure it's impossible to be fluent in a language in one year without complete immersion.) People make these resolutions without an action plan or a way to make that resolution occur. Then they are surprised when nothing happens. Hmmm.

I make New Year's goals. Not resolutions. GOALS. I'm not gonna write out my goals here because there's no reason to make them public. Those closest to me know what I'm striving to attain this year, and will undoubted remind me of it often. And that's a good thing!

However, I've been thinking about real, non-flippant resolutions. And I was reminded of the Resolutions of Jonathon Edwards. At age 19, over the course of one year, he wrote 70 resolutions by which he governed his life. Inspiring, convicting and amazingly thorough. They are far beyond anything I could write. So here they are:

More to come on this subject....

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