Youth Craziness

6:40 AM

Last night at youth group, I get up to preach.
Me - "Guys, we're gonna do things a little different tonight...."
The Witty Kid - "we ARE different."

Afterwards, I'm having a conversation with someone and all of the sudden the room seems to get louder. Like alot louder than the normal state of loudness. I turn around and there's the youth guys holding The Crazy Kid and putting him in a huge trash can!!!
"What are you doing?!"
The guys stop and try to look innocent.
"Put him down!" I demand.
Instantly, they drop The Crazy Kid on the floor.

And don't think the girls are devoid of craziness...
Yesterday happened to be the Wednesday that we celebrate birthdays for the month. The girls just had to find out how long it would take to burn the birthday candles down to nothing. I don't know the exact timing, but afterwards, there were three bluish puddles on a brownie. They all were like, "Cooool!" (it's the simple things...)

My confession: I did laugh at all of the above. Youth ministry is fun!! Especially because through it all, we managed to pray for personal revival, our brothers & sisters in the Body, and the salvation of souls. We worshipped Christ with singing. We testified about God's revelation to us and His working in our daily lives, were a little convicted and a little encouraged, and answered the question, "What is it about anyway?"

It's not about me. It's all about God.

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