All Kinds of Crazy

9:41 PM

Crazy is the entire preparation for our youth drama outreach on Friday night. Trust me, the story is too long and complicated to write in my Weekend in Review.

Crazy is hands covered in black eyeliner, red, green and black facepaint, and deciding to spike the “devil’s” hair with hand lotion. (it worked)

Crazy is solving the we-have-no-working-stereo-for-our-drama-music problem by hooking up the ipod to the church van and blasting the music.

Crazy is starting the wrong song during outdoor drama practice and watching everyone spontaneously bob their heads, smile and jump around. It’s called releasing tension. :)

Crazy is watching my youth ROCK their drama… and more importantly, speak the Gospel boldly and passionately! I (heart) my youth group! And evangelism! And especially, both together!

Crazy is ice cream TWICE in one day (that does not happen often).

Crazy is staying up until 2:40 a.m. And the inclination to be hungry at two hour intervals during the night. My roommate thinks I’m straaaange…

Crazy is getting up at 4:30 a.m. to stand in line for hours and hours… for a book sale!

Crazy is losing my appetite because of spiteful people in the book sale line.

Crazy is my ramblings/musings/questions/discussion about the legal definition of verbal abuse.

Crazy is buying 76 books in one day.

Crazy is eating Sour Patch Kids candy at 5:05 a.m.

Crazy is watching two very-drunk college students laying in the middle of an intersection for no reason.

Crazy is jumping into a creek to rescue a blown-away graduation cap during a photo session. My friend's mother told me that I had gone above and beyond the call of (photographic) duty. :)

Crazy is shooting portraits for another 45 minutes in soaking wet jeans and shoes! * squish, squish, squish!!*

Crazy is getting excited about light shining through the clouds… onto someone’s golden-brown hair… making pretty shadows in the grass…

Crazy is having a conversation with my brother that ended with his words, “I want to bite your nose!” Cannibal. (do not fear, friends! I ducked and ran; my nose is perfectly fine!)

Crazy is my life. my world. my church. my people. my family. myself.

Crazy is good! :)

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