Something Like This

7:00 AM

Aka. Weekend in Review

Many jokes about The Curly Girl not coming to her own farewell party. No worries, though—she came!

Warning the volleyball players “You’re gonna knock that net over!!”… and 30 seconds later, * BAM* three people and a volleyball net tumble to the ground. Sometimes “I told you so” is very appropriate.

Strumming a guitar and softly singing by firelight.

Four people needed to build the fire to its necessary state of roaring flames. Which it became about 15 minutes before everyone had to leave. * sigh* Nice try though.

Sorting a whole box of teaching CDs. :)

Fighting with technology for a cumulative 7 hours over the entire weekend. GRRRR.

Hoeing my garden, bending the hoe and then smashing it against a stone wall to unbend it. Surprisingly, that really worked!

Planting adorable little flower, herb and vegetable plants. “And there’s zucchini! Awww, so cute!” :)

Dodging raindrops in high heels while running up to the Bryce Jordan Center for The Golden Girl’s college graduation.

Making slightly politically-incorrect comments throughout the graduation ceremony. For which, The Butterfly Girl slapped me. LOL

Giggling in amazement at “John Calvin, the French humanist” and “hedonistic Calvinism.” That commencement speaker was a strange, yet humorous mix of education and convenient ignorance.

I love Wegmann’s. The candy selection. The tea selection….. Wow. Is there anything left to say??

CHURCH. :) Intense concentration during teaching, non-verbal communication with the drummer during worship, overactive enthusiasm about our guest speaker next week!!

Experiencing the joy of my small town’s spring festival… translates to something we call “fair food.” Apple dumplings & ice cream!!

Surprise graduation luau for The Golden Girl!!! “I love throwing surprise parties for people who are not self-obssessed. They’re easy to surprise because they honestly don’t think anyone would throw a surprise party for THEM!” :)

Pina coladas ROCK. (non-alcoholic, of course)… grilling chicken kabobs and watching the guys hack open two coconuts with a machete. Oh my word.

Answering the question: “How do you know that?” during board games… “Because I read!” “Because I Google!” “Because I’m half-British!”… Which I'm not. But it sounded good at the time!

* smile* Good weekend.

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