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6:56 AM

Aka: Weekend in Review

Surreal, slow motion, mid-air collision during the flag football game. Kinda intriguing to watch. And no one was really hurt... Conversations on the church lawn, complete with my mindless pulling/tossing grass in the air. I don't know why I must continually move during conversations. I just do... Staying up WAY too late... Happy to find a cute new purse at a garage sale for 50 cents!... Cleaning my room. Re-budgeting my finances. Which I can do because there is actually money coming in again!!!... Dusky walk about town with The Golden Girl... S'mores: the roomie way. Meaning we used steel kabobs to toast marshmallows over the propane grill, then microwaved the chocolate and ate on cinnamon graham crackers. Surprisingly delicious.... Getting caught in the sprinkler while watering flowers... Sunday Fun: Laughing during worship because the drummer (The Little Bro) accidentally tossed his drumstick in the air, where it twirled several times and he caught it again without missing a beat. His face was pure shock and awe!... Guest preacher who sounded so much like Nicodemus from the old Bill Gunter, US Marshall shows. Really! The southern accent of "steel" = still, or "tin" = ten, or the drawl that makes every word several syllables longer! :) .... An AMAZING message on Sunday evening, about listening to God, going out to the wilderness/river/rooftop---anywhere without distractions, hearing the word of the Lord and being obedient. Truly, a Word fitly spoken straight to my heart... Finally eating at the 3rd restaurant we drove to. C'mon, people, 9:00 pm is not that late!... Walking on chairs to escape my prison in the corner of our 15-person table. Necessary evil... Lazy holiday morning of puttering about the house, making food and cleaning... Picnic in the sunlight. Sometimes blinding, sometimes golden. Beautiful summer.... Conversations in which the topics range from the hilarious to ridiculous to spiritual... That's my church. Always passionate about Jesus, always laughing and always loud about everything! :)

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